Return policy

Terms of returning the products we sell.

  1. The Buyer shall have no right to waive the sale contract and return to the Seller the following non-defective goods:
  • Food supplements;
  • Medical equipment and devices;
  • Goods, which have been already used by the Buyer;
  • Goods, which (or their package) were damaged by the Buyer or his representatives, as well as not full goods (for instance, if specific goods’ parts, user instructions or warranty maintenance books are missing, etc.);
  • Other goods, which may be refused to be accepted back by the Seller in accordance with applicable law.
  1. The goods shall be considered defective if their expiry date is overdue, or their composition includes ingredients, forbidden under applicable law, or their consistence or other essential features have changed before their delivery to the Buyer as the result of inappropriate storage conditions, or the goods are damaged mechanically, or the goods’ package is damaged or there are other goods’ quality deficiencies.
  2. Defective goods are replaced, returned or refunded in accordance with applicable law and Terms.
  3. The return conditions for defective goods will be agreed individually with the Seller per email In the case of the defective goods, the Buyer will receive a full refund or replacement.
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